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Bucket Elevator Switch

Bucket Elevator Switch Details

Belt Bucket Elevator Misalignment Switch

SMP Misalignment Switch of belt bucked elevator is used in conveyor installation for monitoring the true running of bucked elevator belts.

In the case of belt deviation from its designed running line by more than a permissible distance the belt bucket elevator misalignment switches are supplied with an alarm for a signal at slight deviation up to 15° and the switch will stop the bucket elevator drive at 30° deviation. Installation of this switch prevents spillage of material or the possible damages to the plant, consequently the industrial efficacy will be increased.


They are specifically designed to use in heavy industries such as steel Industries, cement plan and plaster factories, suger cane factories, petrochemical Industries in order to monitoring the true running of conveyor belts.


Misalignment Switch of Belt Bucket Elevator

SMP Rugged Belt Misalignment Switch is used for bucket elevator installations subjected to especially severe operation conditions. The stainless steel actuating roller is carried in stainless steel ball bearings for improved handling of lateral forces and jerks. The large roller with diameter of 48mm by stainless steel or Aluminum alloy permits use of this device where fast belt speeds prevail. All external parts are either of Aluminum alloy or stainless steel has been specially plated. Trip points are adjusted within 15◦ and 30◦resp.

The device can be optionally furnished with two parallel PG16 cable entries and an internal terminal block to be permitted for further wiring. All external parts are either of Aluminum alloy or stainless steel (depends on order) have been specially plated. The actuating roller of stainless steel is carried in stainless steel ball bearing for improved handling of lateral forces and jerks. These switches can be provided with a highly impact-resistant dome light which is visible from distance. Besides, the switches can be easily modified to provide alarm for a particularly prepared part. All basic parts such as bolts, shafts, screws, and springs are made of stainless metal. The switches are provided with 2SPDT contacts. For unlatching, the actuating roller is reset by hand. Then the accepted order depends on your product.

_  Ball bearing with conveyor aligned in 90 degree with 5 to 7 cm gap.                                           

_ Speed of switching depends upon air distance between conveyor and alignment switch.


-Heavy Duty Missalignment Switch Of Belt Bucket Elevator(Til 475)


 SMP Advanced Features

Research show that switches are mostly damaged by the equipment’s vibration or the break down in installation place, SMP’s special design is the key to the problem; the lower part of the lever is equipped with internal spline so that the switch will have the better efficacy in unstable situations. Moreover the use of bottom silicon rubber eliminate the vibrations dramatically so that the possible break downs and machine downtime is minimized.
Seal rubbers are made of special silicon which are heat resistant up to 300°c and due to the SMP’s particular design even if the equipment aren’t fixed properly by the operator, the switch will be protected against dust.