SMP Bargh Sanaat

Local Switch

Local Switch Details

SMP Local Switch is the most convenient way of providing simple local control for myriad of applications. When inserted into a control scheme they provide the local interface with which machinary can be easily be controlled.

-Local Switch Type:LCB-A


SMP Advanced features

Equipments are mostly damaged by two important factors. First, humidity and dust; Second, vibration in unsalable situations. Smp’s special design is the key to the problem, the lower part of the switch is equipped with internal spline so that the switch will have the better efficacy in unsalable situations. In addition the use of bottom silicon rubber eliminate the vibrations dramatically.

All screws, equipment and housing is made of stainless steel which is anticorrosion and resistance to water. The design of the housing allows high resistancy to the possible breakdowns and mechanical impact. Also, seal rubbers are made of special silicon which are heat resistance up to 300˚C and due to SMP’s particular design even if the equipment is not fixed properly, the switch will be protected against dust

Note : We are able to install different kinds of switches depending on whatever you order, on the box.