SMP Bargh Sanaat

Rotary Paddle Level Switch(RPLS)

Rotary Paddle Level Switch(RPLS) Details

SMP RPLS is the most universal of all level sensing technologies and is the most popular level switch used in dry bulk materials .It is a rotary paddle switch for point level detection in bulk solids. It offers a wide variety of paddle options for unequaled application versatility. It is easy to install and requires no special tools or calibration.

The purpose of the rotary paddle level switch is to detect the presence of solid/powdery material in most kinds of tanks, bins and containers. The unit is usually located through a bin wall at the top, middle or lower level of a bin. During normal operation (no material present) a synchronous motor rotates the paddle at 5 RPM. When this paddle rotation is impeded by material, surrounding the paddle, motor will stall and cause the Micro-switch to change state (indicating an alarm or control).


SMP RPLS has a rugged design for use in harsh conditions in the industry such as, plastic granulate , wood chips, plastics and synthetics chemicals and fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, agriculture and fodder mills/depots, cement as well as ceramics, power plants and various incinerators. 

The sensitivity of the paddle can be adjusted for various material properties. It is equipped with a standard vane which is effective in most applications.


Type: LSR 16

Type: LSR 50


 SMP Advanced Features

• Appropriate operating torque to suit service material, can be set through adjustable spring inside the housing.


• Flexible spring shaft for absorbing material shocks


• Thick stainless steel pipe and two bearings for protecting central shaft from material flow to increase reliability.


•  Rugged sealing ring prevents dust from infiltrating the housing body along the shaft


• Airtight, anti-heat sealing device allows outdoor application


• The inside mechanisms are easily tore down for checking, maintenance and replacement.