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Liquid Starter Resistance

Liquid Starter Resistance Details

-Double Liquid starter 

SMP Liqued Starter Resistance a vrious size and vrious resistance for motors from 1000KW up to 10000KW


Wound rotor control for demanding industrial applications from 800 kW to 10 MW

SMP liquid starters are used for inserting external resistance in slip ring (wound rotor) induction motors in order to reduce starting current and increase starting torque. It will supply the power necessary to drive the motor by resistance variation in various industries.
Suitable for using with wide range of heavy industrial machines such as; Cement and hammer mills, fans and compressors, pumps, shredders, rolling mills, wood grinders, boiler feed pumps, pony motors for gas turbines, test stands.
Salient key features
• Simple operation
• Smooth progressive acceleration ( Smooth and stepless cutting of resistance leads to the reduction of the starting current and torque in slip ring (WR) induction motors.)
• Minimum investment requirements and low maintenance cost
• Wide range of applications
• Adaptable to different motors
• Reliable performance, rugged design
• Customized for each application, available in various sizes for motors up to 10 MW
SMP Advanced Features
Designed and manufactured by SMP, liquid resistance starters offer a number of significant advantages.

The starters and the individual components used within them are adaptable to Extreme Weather Conditions. Whether in the snow fields, or the desert regions of the outback, the starters are operating almost maintenance free.

The range of liquid resistance starters are designed for controlling of large kW slip ring motors and extends, up to 10000 kW, or any higher rating required.

SMP’s unique design, with horizontal movement of the moving contact system prevents from regular mechanical problem.

SMP’s direct involvement in all elements of production from conception through to design and manufacture ensures a superior level of quality control, consistency of product that promise high efficacy and trustable results.

By means of its logistics services SMP guarantee the availability of a high-quality spare parts service.

Moreover via the unique horizontal moving electrode system greatly extend the mechanical life of the motor and driven machine.


-Liquid starter