SMP Bargh Sanaat

Air Flow Switch

Air Flow Switch Details

SMP Airflow Switch is designed to monitor air velocity in critical environments. These compact, easy to install units detect loss of airflow below a pre-programmed set point and provide a fast and distinct warning of airflow deterioration.

It’s adjustable to monitor, oil flow in different situations.

SMP Airflow Switch is uni- directional. It provides N.O. contact and one N.C. contact. It discriminates between forward and reversed airflow, indicating a fault if the air flow direction reverses.

SMP Airflow Switch provides excellent sensitivity and reliability at a very reasonable price. Mounting is fast and simple.

Note : Please contact our technical consultants through e-mail in the case of particular orders, optional changes or any specific situation. They can provide you the consulting services in your language as soon as possible.

-Air Flow Limit Switch  Type:FOL 300


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