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Tilt Level Switch

Tilt Level Switch Details

SMP Tilt Level Switch is abrasion-resistant and easy to install. It detects the presence or absence of material at the elevation of its probe. It’s a simple, yet rugged control used for high level or material flow applications. The arriving material pushes the lower end of the hanging probe to one side.

An internal drop of liquid acts as a tilt sensor and signals when the probe moves to an angle of 15° away from vertical so the tilt switch is actuated when material rises to tilt the probe 15 degrees or more from its vertical position. The interconnecting armored cable is very flexible and heat resistance.


• High level detector in bins containers containing a wide variety of materials.


• Conveyor belt overhead detector


• Level control in volumetric batching


• Crash probe for tripper car.


• Starvation or no-flow detector for belt and vibratory feeders.


• Encapsulated in various sizes.Various probe assemblies are available to suit the application with a wide variety of materials and environmental conditions.



For proper tilt action the tilt switch should be suspended by attaching a "chain to the provided eyelet. An extension with a paddle or sphere is available for increased sensitivity.

NOTE:  For Grading over than 40mm, an extension with a paddle or sphere is recommended.



-Tilt Level Switch (OFS-P)



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