SMP Bargh Sanaat

Pull Rope Switch

Pull Rope Switch Details

SMP Pull Rope switch of type Rop100 and Rop200 provides a switching system to isolate power conveyor system and other process equipment in an emergency situation either with latching or without latching. Rope switch of type Rop100 or Rop200 is used to send a command to equipment for disconnecting the power circuit in emergency event. The mechanical devices of this equipment are made of aluminum alloy with furnace special static industrial color (Burning static) that successfully operate in environment with high humidity and corrosion.These devices have been designed for a maximum safe operation under severe conditions.

Construction from aluminum alloy can successfully operate at mines, and all places where conveyors are used. All base parts such as bolts, shafts, screws and spring are of stainless steel with special industrial color (burning static). SMP pull rope switches and accessories meet the requirements of international safety standards authorities with respect to personal safety and equipment. It can be operated on conveyor system with different size in width and speed. The devices can be equipped with one light. Every switch has a mechanical fuse and works over 60kg pressure on non-reset position (over load mode).

Operator can easily swap mechanical fuse with opening one screw and changing the relative part, then switch will be ready to work again.


The auto reset mode of switches is optional. In auto reset mode by pulling the Rope, switch acts and by releasing the Rope, it automatically resets. Afterward system will be ready to start again.

-Pull Rope Switch (ROP 100)

- Pull Rope Switch (ROP 200)

-ROP200 with Light

-Accessoris Of  Pull  Rope Switch




SMP Advanced Features

Research show that switches are mostly damaged by the equipment’s vibration or the break down in installation place, SMP’s special design is the key to the problem, the use of bottom silicon rubber eliminate the vibrations dramatically so that the possible break downs and machine downtime is minimized.Seal rubbers are made of special silicon which are heat resistant up to 300 °c and due to SMP’s particular design even if the equipments aren’t fixed properly by the operator, the switch will be protected against dust.


Switches are easily installed along the edge of conveyor structure.The actuating lever should be positioned adjacent to the belt edge with a reset lever outside. Flexible coated steel wire is available for the Pull Rope. U formed clamp is used for each rope fastening point. Guiding and Rope support eyebolts are used at interval up to 3 or 4 m. Stainless steel springs at the end of the Rope ensure the operation of switch in event of pulled rope.

The spring tension is adjustable by the means of turnbuckles which can simply be attached on to the actuating lever, since switches are bi-directional in operation, variants of temperature which can influence on the rope length, become balanced by means of these two springs.

An ideal installation for SMP pull Rope switches is to place the belt conveyor in every 25 to 30 m, this could be increased up to 50 m.


1.            Install pull rope on one side of the actuating lever.

2.            Adjust the rope tension in such a way that spring will properly operate the switch. Maximum extension  . of the spring is 200mm. Now detach the turnbuckle again.

3.            Repeat procedure 1 and 2 on another side.

4.            Attach both turnbuckles and operate the switch.

5.            Now, movable actuating lever should be balanced in mid position by means of these two turnbuckles.